The world is moving so fast. I can't keep up. There is always more waiting for me. Never-ending to-do lists, errands to run, social media to respond to. When did things get so busy and labor intensive? Seems the faster and more quickly I move the more behind I feel. When did I begin on this seeming perpetual marathon? 


Time is a truly precious gift. It is a resource beyond measure in our global and cultural economy. We choose how to spend it. I give my time away to things I don't find value in, but I do it anyway. Hours upon hours lost on social media, binge-watching Netflix, gossip, Online shopping, Email checking, traffic...

At the end of the day, I fell left with exhaustion and frustration. The things I wanted to give my precious time to, such as exercise, laughing with friends, connecting in real conversations, sleep, writing, nature, reading, listening to music, dancing, volunteering, creativity, learning something new I never quite got to. Another day spent, my time cashed in on someone else's list of dreams and desires. Until... I got quiet. I just stopped, I stopped doing ALL of it. The things that I had come to despise.


I became aware of all the things I was doing out of obligation and previous commitments. I had the ah-ha that I wasn't' happy with the way I was spending my life. Working, writing and coaching from a windowless office with fluorescent lighting. Nope. Collaborative, sharing of ideas with engaging peers in a physical inspiring environment of plants, natural light, music, and laughter. Yes, please! But awareness like this only surfaced when I stopped everything for just a little bit of time. 

I know what you are going to say. I can't stop. The wheels would fall off the bus, I drive this thing called my life. It won't. I promise. We allow people to expect certain things and behavior of us, when we change the status quo temporarily there is a learning curve for them to understand this new way of being. When you have always responded to a text message in record time, people will wonderer what is going on? Is she okay? Why didn't she respond to me? Give them some time to adjust to your new normal.

The most fantastic thing is by getting quiet is that you get to be in the moment. You get to be still and truly engage in a life where you are in touch and honoring the passion that flows through you. This is a gift to you, to your tribe, to all that encounter you. Imagine, giving yourself the gift of time.