Why would you hold yourself back from the things you want the most in life? Why would you do the opposite thing of what you say you want and need? Have you heard the term self-sabotage? It causes major road blocks and I see people caught up in it daily in my coaching practice. 

Self-Sabotage Sinks our dreams -We think what stands in our way of success or actualizing our dreams resides outside of us. The blame and responsibility are out there (the weather, finances, time, situation, job, friends, partnership, your dog) but never you nor I. It's not my fault that I don't have what I want or need. Unknowingly we have taken on the role of the victim to the circumstances of life.

One of my goals this year is creating a fiscally well version of me. I want financial freedom. After taking a money mindset class, it dawned on me that I was the one preventing myself from obtaining this goal. I was irritated, curious and confused at why I was doing this. 

Fear of unknown or fear of fabulousness?
Turns out, fear of the unknown held more power than discontent of current moola situation. Ugh. So here is the formula to break out of the self-sabotaging circuit. 

  1. You deserve this brand new version of yourself.
  2. You are safe. (repeat this 10x's)
  3. You are safe in your new version, circumstances, job, relationship...fill in the blank with your particulars. 

Still not fully convinced? This will seal the deal. Ask yourself if this was your last day here on earth would you have regrets at not attempting this? Would you feel disappointed that you didn't take a chance or explore it? If not, then good news. You truly didn't want it as bad as you thought AND have saved yourself lots of time and energy in the chase. However, if would have regrets then you know exactly what you must do. 

Cash in your chips of mediocre for adventure. Today is a beautiful opportunity. Why not try something new? Why not strive? Why not feel uncomfortable for the possibility of fabulousness? What do you have to lose?