I used to view life as a battlefield. I would push, pull, force, stretch, exhaust myself to keep up (not only others but with my own ridiculous expectations). Little did I believe that getting what I wanted could be easy, relaxed, peaceful, simple. I was taught anything that you  achieve would be done with blood, sweat and tears and extreme resilience.  

Little did I understand how I could release it all AND get what I want. What's the trick? There is none. Just surrender, and I don't mean becoming passive or giving up. Actually, I use the word surrender in a completly different context.

  • Surrender is about releasing our joy into our lives NOW.
  • Surrender is about melting away things we no longer need.
  • Surrender is knowing there is divine plan.

It's like riding "shot-gun" in a car. You don't have to worry about steering or watching traffic. You can sit back, listen to tunes, stare off into space or even fall asleep and rest. All the while, you are in transit to your ideal destination. You are making progress and fully enjoying yourself in the process, it's the best case scenario.

I remember when I lived in San Francisco, taking the Caltrain to work each morning. I loved being able to sit and read for 30 mins twice a day on my way to work. I knocked off more books during that 3 year stint of time than anytime in life. I let myself relax and be fed while in transit. What ways could you release and surrender into being nurtured?

  • Surrender is about truly loving ourselves and one another.

When I let down and just accept myself what I am really saying is "I am okay". When I say this to myself and honestly mean it, I give myself the permission to be fully in this moment. I am enough right now. I don't have to do anything else further. Not complete that degree, lose that last 5 lbs, get that job, finish that project. I am whole and full RIGHT NOW.  When you do this, it gives radical transformation for others around you. Even people you don't even know. People feel that you are alright-alright and they have permission to follow suit. So you letting down is really a gift for others to do the same! By loving yourself up, you are not only feeling wonderful and is everyone that comes into contact with you.  Now that is beyond fabulous. 

  • Surrender is changing the way you see the world. 

When we deem the world as a scary place, we feel the need to protect ourself against it. But what if, you think of the planet as friendly, helpful, gorgeous, filled with beauty and synchronicity? When the world with goodness my shoulder drop, my jaw releases and I breath a deep sigh. Life is meant for us to fully experience the adventure, not trudge through suffering. When we are anticipating the worst case scenarios, we are unable to fully see all the magic around us, let alone be a part of it. So begin to connect the dots, see the connection, see kindness outside of your window, see the gentleness in nature, witness the compassion, expereince the humor, partake in creative expression.  

Surrender to all of the beauty that is waiting just for you.