What can you let go of?

There is nothing I enjoy more than creating more space. Truth be told, I’m the girl that loves organization. The act of getting rid of stuff that I don’t use, passing things onto my friends or the community at large makes me giddy. Generally speaking, I like traveling light with less physical stuff and more experiences. But ask me to let go of something emotionally...well that can be a different story.

Are you loyal to stuck-ness? 

I am umm, crazy loyal to my friendships, situations, even familiar feelings that I have outgrown. It’s hard to let go sometimes. We carry around these past experiences and emotions that obviously do not fit into who we are anymore. Like a pair of jeans that I am  clearly not  going to rock in anytime soon, I think.. maybe, one day. Even though I like the idea of adventure, I struggle with letting go and fully jumping into the unknown. Sometimes our body sounds the alarm of, “what in the world would I do without this?” Sometimes we feel anxiety about letting go. I’m sure you’ve had that moment when you took  something off  your donation pile  thinking, “maybe I should just hang on to this a little longer…” We hold on hoping, perhaps it will fit or be stylish again.

The truth is we have to release our past before something different is available for our future.

Easier said than done, right? Here is my question to you. What are you holding onto that you have outgrown? Are you living in your past of what you were? Does most of your joy come from things that happened already? What stories do you continue to tell over again (that you are sick of hearing yourself)?

Every time you let go you get a gift.

When you release it, it creates space for something new to be born or reborn. A new connection, relationship, new job, new habits and yes even your new favorite pair of jeans! There is no harm in revisiting your past. I like to reminisce and recall the crazy times of my youth and laugh it up with family ridiculousness. But if you find yourself living there perhaps you are afraid there isn’t anything better coming? I enjoy the comfort found in the familiar. Our bodies and minds like repetition and consistent patterns (especially in this ever changing world). And I love plans, but I am talking about when you are stagnant and afraid to move out of the safety. You don’t need to be afraid of living. Most of my life I was afraid to reach out into the unknown and I regret those years. I never look back at those times and say, hmmm, glad I spent all those year “safe”...

Your life is about being present (right now).

No, you don’t have to do something radical or spontaneous. How about choosing to laugh out loud today rather than complain about that same old situation, you know the one all your friends are so familiar with they could quote you. Just for today, let it go and see how it feels. The freedom you will experience will be so much stronger and powerful than the regret and woes that have you feeling heavy. Let go of what you are holding onto that is keeping you stuck emotionally. I promise, whatever the fear is you have, it's safe to let go and live a life with internal freedom.