I have a question. How do you wait like a pro? What to do while you wait? Big hint, it’s not twiddling your thumbs.

Have you ever had something you wanted so bad and felt like you were a 2 year old. You just couldn't wait? Like a little kid in the back seat of a station wagon headed out on a family vacation. Not even 5 minutes have passed until, “Are we there yet?”

I am horrible at this. Always have been. But as I go on each day I realize part of the beauty of life is resilience and this involves being patient (i know I said it, the P word). Ugh. So what do you do when there is just time that is needed before your brilliant plan is hatched or revealed? You have done everything in your power, control, and then some. Now like a batch of brownies in the oven, you wait for it to bake and for dark chocolate to melt into the gooey warm deliciousness. How do you keep yourself glued together until the big drum roll...moment? Like most things in life its all about the head space.  Anticipation is good thing. Not knowing can also been known as adventure and people people pay good money for this. Amusement parks, horror films, working vacations or safaris.. is what it’s all about. I know, it can been tricky to keep the right mind set in check. Here are my favorite of what I do.

Do the right thing (while you wait)  {tweet worthy}

First just do what you need to do to stay on course. It’s easy right before the big moment to feel all excited and nail biting can ensue. But this is the time to make sure even more than ever to keep on track. Keep doing your thang! Keep in tip top shape, getting your workouts in, hitting the pillow early, eating enough veggies and protein, doing the therapy, drinking your water, whatever you magic healthy lifestyle choices that keep you in your best form (enter here).. Keeping yourself in top form now is so important to combat and protect yourself against stress. So keep on keepin on baby.

What is anything you have been putting off (do it now while you wait)

While you are waiting (and knowing that your beautiful gift in the mail on it’s way to you) what needs to be done? What about some early spring cleaning or sending out those thank you cards you have put off, or donations to take the good will?  Now is the time to tackle those projects and keep your body, mind and spirit occupied while you keep knowing that it’s only a matter of time until the big pay off.

Time is a gift. (enjoy life while you wait) 

It’s rare we every have extra time and to be wishing away our life is just plain silly. Our whole life is just a blink and being given time is truly a gift. So love yourself up. Get a massage, take a bath, watch a movie, actually see your friends, laugh, play and restore. What may seem like an inconvenience is God’s perfect timing. {tweet worthy} This may be just be a well deserved and needed reset or rest your body and spirit has craved. So don’t waste it but jump in.

This is your life, right now. (even while we wait)... {tweet worthy}

What if we lived it to the fullest right now?  Start today and join me in living fully RIGHT NOW!

Amy Mattila