My love of writing stems from Witnessing the simple and complex stories around us.

I find purpose and whimsy exploring the world around us that is filled of happenstance.

Funny thing is, I don't consider myself a writer but just have found it the most accessible medium in which I can share my thoughts with the world.



Freelance writing


I have my own blog but also write for others such as magazines, newspapers, journals on lifestyle, wellbeing and the power of living and staying well. Msp St Paul Magazine is one of my favorites. 

book writing

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My very first non fiction book, "Hello Gorgeous - Self coach in a box" will be soon.. 


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I love story and the medium of film, television and episodic programs. I write TV pilots, feature screenplays because there are too addictive not to write. 



Amy is drawn to stories that explore resiliency and the supernatural.

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Amy is a Semi-Finalist, Big Break Final Draft 2017, Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2017, Grant Recipient of Making It Public, Forecast Grant 2016, Tilsner Artist Cooperative Board Member, Lowertown St. Paul MN, 2015, Screenwriting Fellowship Stowe Story Labs, Stowe Vermont 2014 & 2016, Body Burden Exhibition, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN.

Amy Mattila is a writer, visual artist, and wellness practitioner. She is forever intrigued with the intersection of personal story and healing. She holds Bachelors of Arts degrees from Metropolitan State University (one in Screenwriting and another in Interdisciplinary Arts Holistic Healthcare). Amy’s first non-fiction health promotion book, “Hello Gorgeous - A health coach in the box,” will soon be seen on the shelves (TAMU - Texas A&M University Press House). She also is health and wellness writer for Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine and speaker as a Wellness Expert (aka Geek) for The Mayo Clinic’s Cancer Education Center.



LAND OF MISFIT TOYS - Drama/Comedy, TV Serial
Three individuals in a self help group for Generalized Anxiety Disorder navigate through what it looks like to live with a mental illness in daily life. 

FALLING UP - Feature, Dark Comedy  
Two middle aged childhood friends find themselves single and back in the dating world after two decades and it is not pretty.

BEAT - Drama, Feature
An African American woman’s husband is killed and his heart is donated to a redneck hunter who takes on the personality of the donor. 

MASSAGE FREAK - Comedic/Coming of Age, Feature
In San Francisco’s funky world of alternative healing, massage therapist Sierra intuits the inner thoughts of her clients when she touches them, but is lost on how to heal herself. 

DALLAS LAW - Drama, TV Pilot
Dallas Law never intended to return to her namesake city, but her father's dying wish and promise of inheritance lures her back.