Sticking with matters of the heart this month I am offering a three part series that will look at HOW TO HEAL. Over the next 3 weeks a new step will be released. Future steps include STEP 2: RELEASE YOUR STORY, STEP 3: DREAMY LOVE LIFE.


So what if you have done all the work around your diet, exercise, sleep, therapy, alternative methods, functional medicine, tinctures but you’re not feeling the love in your life? Or what if you are the vision of healthy, but you just don't feel good on a regular basis? 

You know there is something more to life, but you can't quite get at it or reach it...This subtle space is something many don't spend time in much. It's uncomfortable and frustrating. It is also something I see everyday in my patients. Disconnection between mind, body, and spirit that is essential for true freedom (and healing to take place). Perhaps something happened along the way for them that they stopped. The just decided this is good enough and they are living a comfortable but empty life.

I know first hand how this feels and it is challenging to place words to describe the exact experience, but I will try.  You can see the life you want but are behind an invisible wall that keeps you stuck. For me personally I can see l the areas of my life that were thriving except for that same area again. Like a scab on your knee that keeps getting broken open..

So what do you do?  

Acknowledge your hidden spot of pain, frustration, sadness and know it's okay for it to be there. Don't try to change it or  fix it. Don't analyze it. Just observe it. Think of it like the sky. What color is it today? Is the sun out? That shade of blue, cloud coverage?

Take the next week for this step of ACKNOWLEDGMENT. By noticing those inner spaces in your heart, you are making step to heal it. Remember you are not a feeling or emotion. You are not a circumstance or situation. You are not a job title, age, salary, appearance...

Write down what is in the hidden spaces in your heart. Know that love covers it all and for true healing to take place it takes courage to be vulnerable. That is your goal this week.