You have a purpose. You have a destiny.

Do you ever wonder why we have such distant dreams and desires that seem to remain no matter what you do. There are some things that can be just a phase or fascination but they lose the shiny factor and we move on. Other areas of my life, the desire just remains so intense that I often wonder where I start and it ends.

I love story.

Since I was young I have watched  films. It started with renting them from the library on VHS tapes of fables and fairytales. Then it moved into devouring several a week as reward for chores around the house. Now as an adult, I stream them regularly as a bedtime ritual or even treat myself to the full  experience in a theater with real butter on the popcorn without any interruptions. So is it any wonder that I write scripts and screenplays? Nope.

You have a story.

When I tell people I am lifestyle coach they often fail to see the connection between the two worlds. Film + Coaching, I see them as the same. It’s all about story. Everyone has a story, everyone. Your story is different from mine. Your story is the perfect story for you to tell. Don't question its moral or thesis, or if it's a story to be told. It most definitely must be!

Common story.

Do yourself a favor and don’t fight the desires that keep showing up for you. They are inside of you as part of the beautiful nest of gorgeousness that is uniquely you. I can’t tell your story the way you do. You know when someone is telling their own story because they are emoting. You can’t take your eyes off them. You feel filled up their passion and it leaves you with inspiration.

My friend, Ollie is a wordsmith and makes words melt and dance in a vocabulary that leaves me wanting more. My niece Bella came out of the womb with rhythm. Sara sees the connections in all things. Katrina is a visionary. Rach sings. Andrew makes coffee. Tabby designs. Carol organizes. What gives you strength? What fills you up? What do you lose time in?

Share your story.

According to Denzel Washington we are to use your gift (dream) is by sharing it. Washington also speaks to dreams being without goals are the most devastating. If we are to dream, we must move into action through discipline and consistency. Without this, it’s a recipe of unfulfillment.

I encourage you to commit to a plan so you can truly live that dream inside of you. If you feel overwhelmed, you don’t have to. That’s why I do what I do. I’m here to help you break it all down into a plan that feels exciting and inspiring allowing you to be successful in reaching the finish line of your true destiny!

Today is the day. Start living your destiny. You were born to do it. So get started today. What are you waiting for?