What can I do to be less stressed?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a health coach is, “How can I realistically manage stress in everyday life while things are, well... crazy, busy?”

We all know our hectic lifestyle isn't going away soon. Packed social calendars, kids with equally complex schedules, endless to-do lists...we work, we socialize, we have deadlines. I get it that managing your stress is just one more thing to add on your to-do-list that you simply don’t have time for. So what can we do?   

Here are 5 ways to halt stress in its tracks that are free, easy and you can do anywhere/ anytime!

1. SAY NO.

It's okay, I promise you won't lose any friends or be cut out of the PTA. Here  in the Midwest we especially like to please and help our neighbors even if it’s at the expense of our own mental health. Make your decisions based on your desires not out of any obligation-which only breeds resentment, guilt and yes more stress. If the desire simple isn’t there, then  maybe it is a sign you are overbooked. Taking care of yourself is just as important as your fellow woman/or man.


We do it every day but 80% of people aren't diaphragmatically breathing which is how we intended to. Most of us chest breath (not allowing for the breath to follow down into our bellies). Chest breathing not only gives less oxygen to our brain (nobody needs that) but can also create anxiety or bring on a panic attacks. Did you know even just 3 deep breaths changes our brain chemistry and allows for our bodies to switch gears out of fight/flight/freeze mode into restoration…ahhh


Stress can feel like it's outside of us as if it is something happening to us. However perception is where it actually resides. Ask yourself if you are planning for a good day or not. Of course we cannot change certain life situations but what if you chose to be happy despite the storm. Or simply decide to be thankful for all the friendships your life is rich in. Stress is something about our future that we worry will go wrong. So daydream on your future going well instead and feel that invisible pressure melt away.


Every time you smile you bath your whole body in chemical reaction of serotonin and oxytocin which is what makes us feel calm, centered and happy. Now don’t fake it but just recall a funny SNL skit or think of dear friend, it’s easy to bring up a smirk. Not to mention we use more muscles to scowl and you don't look as attractive. ☺


Whenever I’ve had it with life I phone a friend. Having someone in your corner can be just what you need to reset your mindset and blow off some steam. Stepping away from our own lives and fully engaging in someone else can increase your gratitude for your life and all the gifts you do have. Plus, how fun is it to connect with someone that knows you and accepts you even while in a hoodie and a pair of converse?

We all have stress but it doesn’t have to have you. You have a choice every day to live your best life possible. Don’t waste any moment on feeling taxed by pressure or deadlines. If you want to dive deeper check out all the resources below or schedule a visit with your health coach.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to happiness.