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full holistic program

This program facilitates really deep transformation — consider that a promise and a warning. You’ll embody a new way of being that will profoundly alter how you do life and your life’s work. In our first session we design your customized program plan together (aka: roadmap to your success).

  • 10 months length

  • 60 min coaching sessions 2x month

the happiness kit

stress management

You don’t want to let one more day go by without giving it your all. You keep thinking that tomorrow it will get better, but tomorrow only offers another bump in the road. Your presence is needed in the world and today is the day to change. You are not alone. True change is possible. It’s not too late to change and start feeling inspired and excited in your life.

  • 2 week program length
Bring me the happy!


holistic coaching

You’re ready to go to work on creating some real shifts and upping your game. While a long-term transformational program doesn't fit for you right now, a short term, high impact program is exactly what you’re looking for.This custom-designed program gets you rooted, focused and on a trajectory for transformation and results.

  • 6 months length
  • 60 min coaching sessions 2x month